About me

Since I was a little girl, art has been a parallel reality that has taken me on a journey through the color spectrum. My art movement ranges from classic to pop art. I work under the pseudonym CU (CryptoUser) as I draw inspiration from Universe, Nature, new technologies, like Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Crypto Currency and the brilliant minds.

Certificated in Energy Efficiency,
Certificate of Scientific discovery.

A resourceful, experienced and dedicated professional with more than 13 years of experience in the field of strong
leadership ability and advising on achieving a level of synergy, which leads to outstanding performance and unrivaled work

The main role is, as a rule, management of operations; responsible for the development and improvement of the
organization of the process, for the efficiency and proper management of resources.

In 2018 I participated in ICO Pitch on MBS and Sigma Igaming.